Three Times Snapchat Nudes Went Badly Wrong

We’ve all been guilty of a few technological fumblings in our time. We’ve all sent a text to the wrong person or accidentally copied in someone we shouldn’t have on an email. It’s a statistical probability that with all the information going back and forth at one time, something along the line is going to go wrong.

And Snapchat nudes are no different.

The following three celebrities all made grave errors when posting their Snaps and images to the world – so take these mistakes a lesson. Don’t be like these people, and make sure to use a dedicated snap sexting like like snap cheat

Let’s jump in.

Tim Westwood

Beloved British DJ Tim Westwood found himself in a little predicament in June 2017 thanks to a minor slip-up with his Snapchat account.

The legendary DJ made the mistake of posting a private message on his Snapchat timeline for his hundreds of thousands of followers to see. Under other circumstances, this wouldn’t be such a problem, however, the message contained a photograph of Westwood’s credit card details.

The message read:

“Baby looking forward to taking you to dinner on Thursday. I appreciate you may wanna get nails, hair and a wax. Even some new shoes or a clutch bag. Use my card it’s black with private banking so there’s no limit (but don’t be buying a new car lol).”

As you can imagine, the picture was immediately snapped by hundreds of his followers. Within a few seconds, 500 people had access to Westwood’s banking details.

Luckily, Westwood canceled his card and was thusly left stranded on the island of Bermuda without any cash. Assumingly, he never thought this would be the price he had to pay for trying to impress his date.

Megan McKenna

Reality TV stars aren’t exactly known for their reservation, but even a lot of her fans thought that Ex on the Beach’s Megan McKenna went too far with this one.

Not content with just posting explicit snaps of herself, Megan posted a Snapchat story which was nothing short of a porn movie. In the clip, Megan’s boyfriend approached her while she sat on her sofa and simply dropped his trousers. With zero hesitation, Megan went straight to work with her mouth.

Once the deed was done, Megan posted the clip to her Snapchat right away. Assuming she’d be met with words of praise from her followers, Megan received the opposite response. Within a matter of minutes, thousands of her fans ridiculed her for her attention-seeking behavior. It was referred to, amongst other things, ‘pathetic’, ‘seedy ‘and ‘unnecessary’.

But should we really expect anything less from a modern reality TV celebrity?

Ariana Grande

Imagine showing your friends around your house, when suddenly you reach the bedroom and recoil in fright. Right there on the floor next to your bed is a large, oversized dildo.

Could be pretty embarrassing, right?

Well now imagine that instead of your friends walking into your bedroom, it’s hundreds of thousands of strangers. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Ariana Grande with this next Snap.

In 2013, Grande shared a harmless selfie of her in her bedroom, only for eagle-eyed fans to notice a large penis-shaped object sitting on the floor behind her. Naturally, all fans assumed the most explicit theory to be the correct one – that sitting on Grande’s bedroom floor was her preferred sex toy.

In all fairness, it certainly looks like a vibrator, but Grande insisted to her fans in another post that it was merely a microphone. Regardless of the truth, it’s probably best to double check your