A Few Good Men

Here’s what AWRT members say about the organization:

“While I have always been viewed as an independent thinker, I believe that my deep support of AWRT and its goals should be viewed in the mainstream as “just common sense.” We all should support workplace diversity, and AWRT is the industry’s finest advocate for emerging opportunities for women in electronic media.”
— Bob Friedman, President, New Line Television

“As a person of color and a media professional, I’ve discovered acceptance, openness and encouragement within the AWRT organization. Through my participation in AWRT local and regional conferences, and being a judge in the AWRT Gracies, I’ve found a network of professionals and media information that has become a valuable asset to my growth and development in the industry. For an organization that truly values and seeks to fulfill the need for electronic media industry diversity, I am proud to count myself among the thousands of AWRT members who I can confidently say really ‘Walk the Talk.'”
— Jim Nelson, Director/Producer, KMTV Omaha

“AWRT is an outstanding organization, and I am pleased to count myself among its active members. AWRT delivers tremendous value, and is doing important things to make the electronic media industry fully representative.”
— Tom Zlaket, Senior Account Executive, KRQQ Tucson

“Some may think it unusual that a man would aspire to a board position in AWRT, but I have found my participation in AWRT to be rewarding, fulfilling and consistent with my belief that electronic media must be fully representative of all people who compose the industry. As one of the first male members of the national Board of Directors, I can attest to the fact that AWRT is indeed an organization for everyone who believes that success knows no gender.”
— Tom Markley, Account Executive, KMTV Omaha