Snachat streaks are when you and a friend send each other snapchats back and forth for a number of consecutive days. This may seem unnecessary and annoying to keep up with just to increase your Snap streak score (the number of days you’ve been snapchatting back and forth), but it’s not hard work and can be fun!

To keep the Snap streak alive, all you have to do is send one Snapchat within 24 hours of the last time either party sent a snap. But sometimes, to keep the Snap streak alive a person just results to sending a half-assed picture of the ceiling with no caption.

If you want to maintain a Snap streak that’s actually interesting and you’ll care about keeping, start a sexy Snap streak!

What this is is basically a regular Snapchat streak, just with dirty pictures.

The first step to starting a sexy Snap streak with sexy snapchat girls is to start it with someone who is also game for it. To keep it alive and thriving, the two of you should place some kind of bet, the dirtier, the better, or consequence for the person who breaks the streak. That way, both parties are inclined to keep it alive, so you get the reward of receiving whatever pleasure the other person will give if they lose the streak. Also, it’s a good idea to set a length of time for your streak so that when you both reach it, hopefully, you’ll both reach something together, if ya’ know what I mean.

The next step is to actually send a snap. Go crazy! Or save the best for later, if you want. Light and fun nudes are probably your best bet for keeping the streak interesting, as you can play around with photos and videos with many of Snapchat’s features. Besides, if you give up too much too soon, there’s nothing to look forward to. Unless you’ve seen this person naked already, but this works best with someone you haven’t just yet! You could draw on, place stickers, use filters or video effects on your Snapchats before you send them. Also, a great app to use with your nudes is TrickPics, an app from the good people over at PornHub, that uses augmented reality stickers to cover your private parts.

Adding stickers from Snapchat or funny text over your intimate parts will catch the attention of your streak buddy and keep things intriguing!

Now the hard part — keeping your streak alive!

Sometimes your day-to-day duties occupy your mind, and you totally forget about social media in general or don’t have the time to check Snapchat before your 24-hour time-limit is up. Or maybe the snap just wasn’t exciting enough to reply to.

Either way, to keep the other person intrigued and your snap streak alive, you got to have some sort of reward system along with funny or mouth-watering sexy snaps! You could make your milestones whatever you want them to be but say for instance you reach one week of a Snap streak with the person you’re snapchatting — you could celebrate this with a sexy striptease video, or a great video of yourself masturbating to show your appreciation. As I said, save the best for later, and it’ll keep both of you caring about the streak if you’re waiting to see the juicier snaps.

Follow these tips and engage in a fun game of Snapchat streaks that will satisfy your daily cravings.