With all the creeps, jerks, and taken guys out there- the playing field feels minuscule to all of the single girls out there. What if I told you that there’s a ton of great, eligible guys out there- you just haven’t found them yet because you don’t know how? Or you have found them, but you messed up and lost them forever? Honestly, that could be the case for you. Maybe you’ve been trying, but you simply haven’t been utilizing your recourses as you could! But you have nothing to fear because today we’re providing all of you single girls a guide to meet guys. It’s easier than you think, so stay positive and read on. We guarantee if you simply use one if not all of our tips, you’ll be well on your way to meeting the guy of your dreams.

1. Be confident and put yourself out there

First and foremost, women must realize that confidence is key when you’re trying to meet the guy of your dreams. Most girls close up and get super shy and uncomfortable when they are around a guy they’re interested in. Which is so silly, because guys LOVE confident girls, and are usually turned off by insecure ones. So suck it up and put yourself out there. What do I mean by that? Smile, sit up straight, start conversations, join conversations, and be kind and comfortable to everyone around you. All of these things exude confidence. Most importantly, introduce yourself to the guys you’re checking out! How are you going to get anywhere by just watching those hotties from afar? Muster up the courage to walk up to them and introduce yourself. Trust us, guys love this forwardness. It shows maturity, confidence, and takes out some of the work for them.

2. Utilize the people you know.

Who knows you better than your girlfriends, sisters, and even your coworkers? Utilize the people who are close to you to help you meet guys. You can use your girlfriends as a wing woman, which is super useful and fun, or you can have people set you up. Between all of the people you know, someone has got to know a hot single guy that would be great for you. Let your friends, family, and coworkers know that you’re on the market and want to get out on the dating scene. We have no doubts that the people close to you would be more than willing to help you with this. Chances are, your best friend Brittany has a hot brother in law who’s your age and is perfect for you! Or your coworker Kelly has a good friend who’s looking to be set up too.

3. Don’t be afraid to spend some time alone.

Spend time alone? Isn’t that what you’re trying NOT to do?! But listen, we’ve got a point here. Most guys find it intimidating to approach a woman who’s with a gaggle of her girlfriends. I mean, who can blame them? It takes a lot of courage to hit on a woman with 4 of her friends giggling and watching every move you make. So, most men just don’t even bother. That’s why we say start doing stuff alone. Curl up at a coffee shop alone with a book, head to a sushi bar solo, or enjoy a magazine at the beach on your own. You’re way more likely to meet guys this way because a woman that is content and happy while alone is much more inviting and approachable than a crew of chicks. Makes sense, doesn’t it? An added bonus is the more you’re able to do stuff on your own, the more empowered and independent you’ll feel!

4. Stop being so picky.

I’m sure almost every woman out there is guilty of turning down a guy for a date because he didn’t fit every single standard on her list. Maybe it’s that he’s too short, too young, too outspoken- whatever the reason, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. The truth is, you’re never going to meet someone who embodies everything on your “boyfriend material” list to a T. And if you’re one of those people who is stuck up and think you’re better than “settling” for someone- knock it off. Love and chemistry can happen anywhere, to anyone. So, stop being so picky! It’s preventing you from meeting someone who could be truly perfect for you.

5. Start doing more.

Have you ever considered meeting guys by volunteering, playing for a local sports league, or taking a cooking class? If you haven’t considered these options yet, you’re missing out. Single people everywhere are catching on that being a part of something is one of the best ways to meet someone, whether it’s a class, a team, or a volunteer crew. Even better, you get to meet someone who’s passionate or interested in something that you are too. If you love cooking, then you’re bound to meet guys who do too at a cooking class. If you’re passionate about the environment, then you could meet a guy who is too for a local beach cleanup. Catch my drift? The added bonus is that you’re bound to make friends along the way, and you’re adding some substance to your life.

Ladies, we hope that you take all of these tips to heart if you want to meet guys. We’re positive that you can find the person that’s right for you if you simply try one of these pieces of advice- if not all of them. What do you have to lose?