Sick of your current crowd? Want some new interesting friends? Feel the need to talk to people outside of your current group? Then you’re in the right place. Meeting strangers that can turn into friends or, even more, is one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of our social lives. But how exactly do you meet strangers? It’s not like you can just walk up to a random person on the street and ask them to be your friend. Well, you could, but you’d probably come off as crazy. Since society makes it so damn hard, apps and sites have tried to make it easier for all of us to meet strangers from all over the world. So don’t feel discouraged, read our list!

1. StrangerMeetup

As if the site’s name doesn’t spell it out clearly enough for you, this is the perfect tool to meet up with strangers. StrangerMeetup connects strangers from over 200 countries by using private chat rooms where you remain anonymous. No registration, no fees, meaning there’re no strings attached. StrangerMeetup was started by two people from Sweden that had the vision to allow like-minded strangers chat without having to log in or pay. A cool twist is that you can’t share pictures or videos, which means you’re not going to get any unsolicited nudes or graphic photos.

2. Omegle

You probably remember getting on Omegle when you were in high school with a group of friends to mess around, but Omegle is still a great way to meet strangers. They’ve been around since 2009 which is pretty impressive. So how does it work? Using your webcam or camera on your smartphone, Omegle sets two strangers up to chat face to face. You don’t need to give these people any information like your name or location, which makes it safe. You can choose to talk via text or video, and can even put in your interests that you want to talk about so that you’re set up with like minded people. Omegle does have a reputation for a lot of nudity, so if you’re over 18 and don’t mind an occasional dick pic, then this site is for you.

3. Meetzur

Meetzur sets you up to meet strangers from all over the globe to chat. It’s a free, online community that encourages meeting as many fresh faces as possible. The number of strangers you can meet is unlimited, so you’re bound to make a lot of new friends fast. You do need to register and can do so with Facebook or your email, but don’t have to pay a dime.

4. Whisper

Whisper is a free anonymous secret sharing and messaging app that uses your location to meet strangers around you. You can anonymously share your thoughts and secrets that you’d usually never tell anyone out in the open. You can even add your school to guarantee that the strangers you’re talking to are from your same school, or even your same classes. Oh, and it’s completely free! You can also use whisper to browse topics that interest you the most. This app was rated ⅘ stars on by nearly 30,000 users, so you know that this app is the real deal to meet strangers.

5. MeetMe

If you want to have the chance to chat and meet over 100 million strangers you need to download MeetMe immediately. That’s right, over 100 million users are on MeetMe. The app boasts a 4.5/5 stars on the app store with nearly 225 users weighing in, so you know this app has got to be good